March 27, 2023

This is how the Colombian Congress was formed for the period 2022-2026

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(CNN Spanish) — The Colombian Congress begins a new legislature on July 20 with a renewed Congress that was elected on March 13.

After the legislative elections, the Congress underwent a definitive change in which the traditional parties —Liberal Party and Conservative Party— lost ground, the current ruling Democratic Center lost majorities, and the Historical Pact, a coalition of leftist parties led by President-elect Gustavo Petro, It was imposed as one of the most voted for this period, leading places both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

This is how the Colombian Congress remained for this period.

(Credit: GUILLERMO LEGARIA/AFP via Getty Images)


For this corporation, 102 representatives are elected, chosen as follows: 100 senators elected in national constituencies; 2 for indigenous constituencies. In addition, a seat corresponds to the leader of the opposition, who is the presidential candidate who comes second in the election. In this case, it would correspond to Rodolfo Hernández, who said that he will accept his seat in the Senate. Hernández said that he will assume “a position of independence” against the government of his rival in the recent presidential elections, Gustavo Petro.

The final scrutiny confirmed it the CNE this July 19.

The Senate is made up of:

Historic Pact: 20 seats
Conservative Party: 15 seats
Liberal Party: 14 seats
Hope Center Coalition: 13 seats
Democratic Center: 13 seats
Radical change: 11 seats
Party of the U: 10 seats
Look: 4 seats
League of Governors Anti-Corruption Movement: 1 (Rodolfo Hernández, second in the presidential race)
Common: 5 seats

indigenous constituencies

Social Indigenous Alternative Movement “MAIS” — 1 seat
Movement of Indigenous Authorities of Colombia “AICO” — 1 seat

House of Representatives

165 seats were elected to the Chamber by territorial constituency. That is, each department, as well as Bogotá, chose their candidates. There is also an international constituency for Colombians abroad.

The Colombian Liberal Party was the one that obtained the most seats in the Chamber, with 32, followed by the Historical Pact, from the left, and the Colombian Conservative Party, each with 25 seats.

In addition, there are 16 additional seats for the victims of the armed conflict in the Special Temporary Districts of Peace, (Citrep).

Thus was formed the House of Representatives for the period 2022-2026.

Historical Pact — 25 seats
Colombian Liberal Party — 32 seats
Conservative Party — 25 seats
Democratic Center — 16 seats
Party of La U — 15 seats
Radical Change — 16 seats
Green Party — 11 seats
Mira Coalition – Just Free Colombia — 1 seat
New Liberalism Party — 1 seat
Hope Center Coalition — 1 seat
League of Anti-Corruption Governors — 2 seats
Radical Change Parties Coalition — Just Free Colombia – MIRA — 1
Hope Center Coalition — 1 seat
Coalition of the Colombian Conservative Party and the “U” Party — 1 seat
Coalition Colombian Conservative Party and Democratic Center Party — 1 seat
Historical Pact – Green Alliance — 1 seat
Radical Change Party Coalition and MIRA Political Party — 1 seat
Historic Covenant — 1
Historic Covenant — 1
Coalition Colombian Liberal Party – Colombia Justa Libres — 1 seat
Citizen Force The Force of Change Magdalena — 1 seat
Colombia Rising Party — 1
Alternatives — 2 seats
People on the Move — 1 seat
Historic and Green Pact — 1 seat
Coalition Together for Caldas — 1 seat
Coalition Party of the U and Free Just Colombia Party — 1 seat

Indigenous constituency
Social Alternative Movement MAIS — 1

Afro-Descendant constituency

Palenque of the Vereda las Trecientas and the Municipality of Galapa — 1 seat
Fernando Rios Hidalgo — 1 seat

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